In honour of the 2011 Liszt Anniversary, Steingraeber unveiled the ‘little brother’ of our C-212 chamber music grand during the Bayreuth Festival summer season.

Its powerfully rich tone comes mainly from very long bass strings on a similar scale to those of a chamber music concert grand. The designs of the C-212 and B-192 are so closely related that the two pianos have identical actions.

This grand piano will bring you unforgettable musical experiences at home and turn your parlour into a concert hall. Even professionals will discover a suitable partner in the B-192. Its use at the University of Music in Trossingen is just one example among many.

References (examples)

  • Brno (Tschechien) Janáček-Akademie
  • Chur (Schweiz) Musikhochschule
  • Eichstätt Bischöfliches Ordinariat Chorsaal (Konzerteinsatz)
  • Hamburg Hochschule f. Musik u. Theater
  • Hof Theater (Kohlefaserresonanzboden)
  • Luzern (Schweiz) Hochschule für Musik
  • Moskau (Russland) Gnesin Academy
  • München Konzertbühne im Künstlerhaus am Lenbachplatz
  • Trossingen Hochschule für Musik

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Video presentation

…with Simon Vincent: pianist, composer and performer.

Recorded in Steingraeber Haus Bayreuth, 2019.


  • sound-reflecting casing wall, straight form in the rear
  • concert touch thanks to the C-212 action
  • straight bass bridge for a higher soundboard amplitude
    • particularly sonorous discant resulting from:precise high-frequency dimension of the treble-range soundboard
    • treble backstrings constructed using ‘Mischklang’ (unified sound) principle
    • induction-hardened capo d’astro bars
  • hardened bridge pins in nickeled iron
  • agrafes hardened by steel pins
  • very long bass strings
  • highly flexible bridges made of solid red beech
  • perfect touch
    • fast-responding keys (20 % more upweight)
    • sharps 1 g lighter than white keys
    • reliable key tops (to avoid ‘aquaplaning’)
  • frame design without hindering cross-braces for techniques for Contemporary music
  • responding touch by aluminium action rails with wooden fillings

Wood Types

Choose out of more than one hundred wooden veneers – polished, satin or oiled – or combine it with black or white polished elements. Living with your instrument should bring you joy!

Custom Grands

Let your imagination run wild! Our master piano builders at Steingraeber often make custom instruments based on our clients’ ideas. You can be right here with us as your dream piano comes to life.

Optional Extras

Sordino and Mozart Rail for a historic touch, self-playing-systems, black-and-white dampers for contemporary music, carbon fibre soundboards… Freedom to choose your own!