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Udo Steingraeber

Visit us in Bayreuth!

World Heritage Margravial Opera House, Wagner Museum, historic parks… Bayreuth offers attractive sights and museums as well as a rich cultural scene. And it lies in the heart of Europe on the Autobahn almost exactly halfway between Munich and Berlin. The international airport in Nuremberg is only about fifty minutes away.


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Our next events

Concert for Cello and Piano

19.09.2019, 19:30 bis 22:00

Maria Rosa Günter (Klavier), Stanislas Kim (Cello)
Reger, Schulhoff und Bach
Max Reger Tage zu Gast in Bayreuth

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari - Silent Horror Film with live Improvisation

21.09.2019, 19:30 bis 22:00

Expressionistischer Horrorfilm
von Robert Wiene mit dem Pianisten
Jens Schlichting.

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