Steingraeber-Ferro-Magnet Action

The touch of grand pianos and that of upright pianos are fundamentally different. For example, a grand piano action allows fast repetition due to the horizontal direction of its mechanism. Such repetition did not used to be possible in upright pianos with common piano actions. However since 2007, Steingraeber & Söhne has been offering a ‘grand-piano’ feeling with fast repetition as a feature in its upright pianos. Four years of development led to the innovative Steingraeber-Ferro-Magnet (SFM) Action.

The advantages:

  1. ‘grand-piano’ feeling with fast repetition
  2. enjoyable, soft playing experience
  3. when pressing the left pedal: reduced key depth (comparable to a Dolce Pedal)

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See here a comparison of the action mechanisms “PS” and “SFM” by the pianist and performer Simon Vincent.

The 3 elements in the construction of the SFM Action are:

  • Magnet No.1 underneath the hammer butt leather;
  • Magnet No.2 located at the tip of the jack, is activated by magnet No.1;
    • Both magnets attract each other. Thus, the jack returns quickly under the hammer butt and pianist are able to strike again.
    • Furthermore, jack and hammer butt stick together even when using the left (soft) pedal. With it, pianists have full control of the keys and action mechanism even when using the left pedal.
  • No jack springs are needed.
    • The playing sensation is soft and comfortable.

The SFM Action is available on all upright pianos (Models 122, 130, and 138).