There are many reasons to come to Bayreuth

The Wagner Festival, the Bayreuth Piano Festival, Bayreuth’s baroque architecture, Upper Franconia’s “local gourmet specialty region.” Sporting more than 200 breweries, it has the largest number per square kilometre in the world! Topping the list of attractions are Bayreuth’s palaces, gardens and the Margravial Opera House, built by the Margravine Wilhelmine in Bayreuth’s unique rococo style. The Steingraeber Haus is the only private palace from this period to have been preserved largely in its original form and since 1898 the piano factory has been located directly next door. We welcome every customer to experience how our instruments of exceptional quality are built, and we invite you not only to choose your own piano, but also to have it built according to your specifications, perhaps even to take advantage of a particular Steingraeber patent. Guests who come to select a Steingraeber piano can stay in the Artist Studio next to the Chamber Music Hall, right by the grand pianos in the grand piano showroom (Flügelhaus).


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Piano maker Steingraeber & Söhne is located right in the heart of Bayreuth.

The Wilhelminian-style (Gründerzeit) building lies just 40 metres from Richard Wagner’s first home, both music and craftsmanship living side by side.

In the Steingraeber factory concert grand pianos for the world’s stages and concert halls are built in the traditional, time-honoured way. Only five piano factories in the world still build custom instruments by hand.

Steingraeber Haus is a rococo-style palace built in 1754 and has largely been kept in its original form up to this day. With its various salons, the Grand Piano Hall, exhibition spaces for pianos, the Chamber Music Hall, gallery and, in summer, the Steingraeber Court Theatre, Steingraeber Haus is a bustling and lively cultural centre for Bayreuth.

Our upright and grand pianos are handcrafted using time-honoured traditions of piano making and are among the finest instruments produced by an elite group of manufacturers. We invite you to get to know them personally, either at your local Steingraeber dealer or here at our factory in the Festival City of Bayreuth.

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