Spiritual Standards

am 13.12.2022, 19:30
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Markus Burger, a Catholic from the Rhineland, has lived in California for twenty years, where he teaches jazz piano and music production at college in Fullerton and San Diego.

Jan von Klewitz, a Lutheran of Prussian descent, also teaches music in Berlin and as a member of various ensembles he gives more than 150 concerts a year (40 of them with Burger).

Their interpretation of “Praise the Lord” was heard on the telephone loop of many dioceses in Germany for many years.

The most beautiful and well-known German chorales, church and Christmas songs are embedded in a skilful symbiosis between tradition and contemporary jazz improvisation through the dialogue of these highly sensitive musicians. Melodies such as “Oh head full of blood and wounds”, “Mary went through the thorn forest” or “Praise the Lord” become gripping with depth and power and clear foundations of exciting improvisations and dialogues without degenerating into complacency. Both musicians have been working together for two decades and have long been an important part of the German music scene. Rarely has Christian music been interpreted in such a contemporary way and yet with such heartfelt respect as by Burger/Klewitz.


Spiritual Standards


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