Book Presentation Kazuko Winter: Shizu – Early days in Hakata, Japan

am 25.05.2019, 18:00 bis 20:00
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The Japanese Kazuko Winter is a convinced Bayreuth citizen … for 40 years! And at the same time she has remained traditional Japanese. Her family history would not allow anything else …. and that’s exactly what this book is about.

Shizu, Kazuko’s mother, was born when Japan was at a historic turning point – the country opened to the West, but continued to cling proudly to its traditions. A variety of historical photos show Shizu mostly in traditional kimono but also in Western clothing – even she walked between the worlds and social strata.

The father Kiyomatsu Inoue, successful merchant, who studied in the 19th century in Germany, the mother a samurai daughter. The family business has been producing traditional natural paints, varnishes and herbal medicines since 1661. Kiyomatsu foresaw that with the industrial production of synthetic paints a new mighty competition was growing abroad and traveled to Germany to study the new color techniques. Upon his return, he redesigned the company and made a point of training his employees well.

Daughter Shizu combined the talents of both parents, became an orphan early on and developed into a creative and strong personality and mastered many traditional arts – Shizu a highly unusual woman of the 20th century. The book by her daughter is like a a small memorial to her.

Admission is free – number of participants limited (ticket neccessary)

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