138 K

This concert upright is the acoustic equivalent of a 180 cm (6 ft.) long salon grand piano, awarded ‘Best in the World’ in Paris. Universities, small concert halls, and churches alike use them in place of a grand piano.It comes equipped with our classic action and enhanced chamber-music dampening for the single string sections as standard.

The basic models are:

Additional options include sostenuto pedal and enhanced chamber-music dampening for the 2-string bass section.

References (examples)

Lichtenberg Haus Marteau, Zürich (CH) Hochschule für Musik

138 K

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Video presentation

…with Simon Vincent: pianist, composer and performer.

Recorded in Steingraeber Haus Bayreuth, 2019.


138 K vorne
  • wide range of modulation
  • differentiated and transparent tone quality
  • chamber music dampers for the single string sections (30 % more efficiency by ‘4-heads’)
  • perfect touch
    • fast-responding keys (20 % more upweight)
    • reliable mineral key tops and solid ebony avoid aquaplaning

Wood Types

Choose out of more than one hundred wooden veneers – polished, satin or oiled – or combine it with black or white polished elements. Living with your instrument should bring you joy!

Twist & Change

This is the name of the two-pianos-in-one combination that changes the appearance of your upright in a jiffy: In this variation, rare woods show up on one half of the front, and on the upper and lower front portions of the piano, but the back is always in solid polished black.

Custom Uprights

Let your imagination run wild! Our master piano builders at Steingraeber often make custom instruments based on our clients’ ideas. You can be right here with us as your dream piano comes to life.


Optional Extras

Sostenuto pedal, “Dampp chaser” climate control, self-playing-systems… Freedom to choose your own!