In terms of design, we can trace its roots back to 1905. We don’t think of our smallest grand piano as a ‘baby grand’, simply because it has received many “Best in its Class” awards that praise the sound as being much bigger than the instrument looks. In terms of construction, this phenomenal achievement lies in the unusually-wide shape of the A-170, which allows room for the use of very long bass strings.

The only top-rated salon grand piano, it transmits vibrational energy just like a concert grand. Because of its bass bridge design, (i.e., without apron and base), its sound is not thin and metallic (or ‘tinny’), as is typical of small grand pianos.

Furthermore the piano’s touch is professional, which is why you will find it on stages, and in music schools and opera houses with limited space. The fascinating Oslo Opera House is a prime example of its use and suitability.

References (examples)

Dresden Hochschule für Musik, Essen Folkwang Universität der Künste, Nürnberg Hochschule für Musik, Oslo New Opera House, Chicago Lyric Opera etc.


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Video presentation

…with Simon Vincent: pianist, composer and performer.

Recorded in Steingraeber Haus Bayreuth, 2019.


  • sound-reflecting casing wall
  • particularly sonorous discant resulting from:
    • precise high-frequency dimension of the treble-range soundboard
    • treble backstrings constructed using ‘Mischklang’ (unified sound) principle
    • induction-hardened capo d’astro bars
  • hardened bridge pins in nickeled iron
  • agrafes hardened by steel pins
  • very long bass strings
  • highly flexible bridges made of solid red beech
  • straight bass bridge for a higher soundboard amplitude
  • perfect touch
    • fast-responding keys (20% more up-weight)
    • sharp notes 1g lighter
    • reliable key tops (to avoid ‘aquaplaning’)
  • frame design without front cross struts (for New Music ‘extended techniques’)
  • responding touch by aluminium action rails with wooden fillings

Wood Types

Choose out of more than one hundred wooden veneers – polished, satin or oiled – or combine it with black or white polished elements. Living with your instrument should bring you joy!

Custom Grands

Let your imagination run wild! Our master piano builders at Steingraeber often make custom instruments based on our clients’ ideas. You can be right here with us as your dream piano comes to life.

Optional Extras

Sordino and Mozart Rail for a historic touch, self-playing-systems, black-and-white dampers for contemporary music, carbon fibre soundboards… Freedom to choose your own!