Piano Seminar for Adult Beginners

am 18.09.2020 bis 20.09.2020, 18:00
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Following the well-proven and tried-and-tested concept of Jens Schlichting, this course offers all adults, who have long dreamed of finally starting to play the piano, the ideal introduction. Many different concepts are presented to the participants and combined in a unique way. Improvisation, play by ear, imitation learning, playing with figures and structures, but also a novel way to learn to read notes: these are just a few of the contents that are actively “understood” in this intensive course. The participants receive a comprehensive work material that can be used well beyond the course. Classes take place in the group, in small groups and in teams of two, which are divided on site. Active participation includes group lessons, small group and team lessons. The active participants are also cared for individually at the piano in the context of these teaching situations. Passive participation only includes group instruction; Of course, the other participants can watch the passive participants. All participants have ample opportunity to try out and practice what they have learned on the instrument. Attention, limited number of participants: 12 active, 8 passive


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Jens Schlichting


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