Fly, Dutchman, Fly! freely adapted from Richard Wagner

am 14.08.2021, 20:00
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Parallel with the “Holländer” new production on the green hill, the Studiobühne Bayreuth also shows in the small barn, the STEINGRAEBER HOFTHEATER a new view of the piece by the young Wagner. The team around author and director Uwe Hoppe dives into the deep psychological abysses of the then still impetuous poet-composer in a parodistically pointed way. The unspoken is thrown out bluntly, the absurd is exaggerated into bizarreness, and romance is pushed to the edge of “Kitsch”. A young woman between two men, faced with the choice of being stranded in middle-class life or plunging into the uncertainty of an artist’s life to the death. Weird, funny, crude and deeply poetic, a game of life and death, between despair, crying and laughing to the point of stomach ache.


Steingraeber Hoftheater
Friedrichstraße 2
95444 Bayreuth