Concert Applications / Support for Artists

About 120 times a year it’s “Curtain Time” at Steingraeber Haus, but how do you apply if you yourself would like to perform? Well, the answer is a little complicated and unfortunately starts with “you can’t”. It’s not that we don’t want you to perform, it’s just that to be fair to artists the world over the Steingraeber Piano Manufactory cannot get involved in the organisation of concerts.

Organisers are typically (music) universities, or associations such as the Richard Wagner Association, societies such as the Liszt Society and so on. Steingraeber is merely a patron of these organisations and therefore applications to us by individuals unfortunately cannot be accepted.

However, there is an exception for young artists looking to produce their first recording, their YouTube video or stream an experimental performance.

Outside of business hours, our chamber music hall is available free of charge for productions of a non-commercial nature by young artists.

To find out more and to ask us about available dates, please get in touch with us at or via our contact form.