122 T

Our 122 upright is a classic with an extraordinarily full sound. This is due to its special design which includes an additional, sympathetically-vibrating soundboard that delivers an extra ‘boost’ for attacks at forte level and above.

The basic models are:

Additional options include, for example, a muffler pedal.

It can be seen on stage at the Bayreuth Festspielhaus, the Malmö Opera House, La Scala in Milan, and in use at many music universities.

References (examples)

Paris (FRA) Conservatoire N.S.M.D.P., Regensburg HfKM, Rheinsberg Kammeroper (Schloss Rheinsberg), Schlitz Landesmusikakademie Hessen (Schloss Hallenburg), Schwerin Mecklenburgisches Staatstheater, Trossingen Musikhochschule, Weimar Schloss Belvedere

122 T

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Video presentation

…with Simon Vincent: pianist, composer and performer.

Recorded in Steingraeber Haus Bayreuth, 2019.


  • additional, sympathetically vibrating soundboard
  • up to 11.500 square centimeter sounding space
  • differentiated tone quality and transparency
  • fast-responding key action without aquaplaning

As custom piano “Opera” with

  • built-in music stand lamp
  • reduced height for better eye contact 1195mm
  • large backfall for the fallboard designed to hold even Meistersinger scores
  • direct sound contact: Perforated acoustic panels
  • “anti vibration & anti wobble“: Easy rolling wheels built into the case

Wood Types

Choose out of more than one hundred wooden veneers – polished, satin or oiled – or combine it with black or white polished elements. Living with your instrument should bring you joy!

Twist & Change

This is the name of the two-pianos-in-one combination that changes the appearance of your upright in a jiffy: In this variation, rare woods show up on one half of the front, and on the upper and lower front portions of the piano, but the back is always in solid polished black.

Steingraeber 122 T Opera

Custom Uprights

Let your imagination run wild! Our master piano builders at Steingraeber often make custom instruments based on our clients’ ideas. You can be right here with us as your dream piano comes to life.

Optional Extras

“Dampp chaser” climate control, self-playing-systems, muffler pedal… Freedom to choose your own!