Summertime in the cultural city of Bayreuth – music from classical to pop, theater, comedy, literature, exhibitions, and culinary: Experience Bayreuth live!

Bayreuth offers much more in summer than the Richard Wagner Festival. Together and themed “bayreuth summertime”, the city and the event organizers want to invite you to discover the diversity of Bayreuth and the often overlooked small events and special places in our beautiful city – experience the best time of the year without stress in the cultural city of Bayreuth.

Steingraeber has put together a colorful program again for July and August 2020. In addition to piano recitals, there will also be the popular performances in the courtyard theater (“Hoftheater”) again – four productions are on the program. Hans Martin Gräbner is also a guest at the Steingraeber Haus and introduces Wagner’s works in an entertaining way. In addition to the new piano museum, visitors can also visit two exhibitions with free admission: firstly about baroque opera houses and their fascinating stage technology, and secondly about the composer Helmut Bieler, who for a long time did something extraordinary for Bayreuth’s cultural life.

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