Steingraeber Anniversary Year 2020 – 200 Years Of Piano Tradition

In 2020 the team of Bayreuth piano manufacturer Steingraeber, which is made up of 31 specialists and four trainees, will celebrate 200 years of the Steingraeber Family’s piano building tradition. Yet at the same time as celebrating its history, this venerable family-run business is brim-ming with new and fresh energy. For in tandem with the expansion of “Klavierwelt Bayreuth” (Bayreuth Piano World), the “Steingraeber Quarter” in Bayreuth’s city centre has never been more appealing with the recent renovation of its traditional handicraft workshops, together with the recognition of Steingraeber as “Innovation World Champion”.

The owner family is given a further youthfulness in the form of Alban and Fanny Steingraeber, the family’s 7th generation who, while focusing on their studies at their respective universities in Berlin and Hamburg, have nonetheless been working and representing Steingraeber already for many years at music fairs worldwide. Meanwhile, they are also listed as equity holders in the Companies Register and, together with their father, form a 100% family-owned partnership.

And so with the margravial City Palace dating from 1754, the manufactory building dating from 1898, together with a highly skilled, highly motivated workforce and the independent smaller workshops that make up the manufactory itself, the Steingraeber family are most definitely well equipped for the future. Steingraeber has achieved ever greater recognition and success among professional pianists in particular for its innovation and augmentation of classical possibilities offered by traditional pianos. The Mozart Rail and Sordino Pedal have found great favour among universities, while at the Donaueschinger Musiktage the Transducer Grand Piano received its highest accolade to date by performing in no less than three world-class premières. Furthermore with its new silent system for playing with headphones, which utilises virtual recording technology as opposed to straight sampling, Steingraeber is at the forefront of yet another exciting field in piano music creation.

Martha Argerich and Elisabeth Leonskaja will be performing in the Margravial Opera House at the two special festival concerts for this 200th anniversary year, while in its very own concert halls located in Steingraeber Haus no less than 40 further music events will be taking place. In addition, managing director couple Cordelia and Udo Steingraeber are delighted to extend an invitation to two opening receptions, and also to the Association of German Piano Manufacturers for its annual meeting.

The program for the Steingraeber 2020 anniversary year can be found at:

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