The “Handwerkskammer für Oberfranken” honors the first winners of the newly awarded Future Prize 2018 – Steingraeber & Söhne received the award for the Transducer project. The prices was taken by Steingraeber’s staff member Andreas Kaul (photo, 4th to the left) who acted as the main coordinator between Steingraeber and the cooperating institutions.

Photo: Frank Wunderatsch

The “Handwerkskammer für Oberfranken” (Chamber of Crafts, HWK) for the first time awarded a Future Prize and the first winners. The “Zukunftspreis” (Future Price) 2018 was awarded to four winners including the piano manufacturer Steingraeber & Söhne from Bayreuth. The vice-president of the HWK, Matthias Graßmann, said: “All four of them have provided extraordinary concepts and top performances and are therefore the best representatives of the Upper Franconian craftsmanship.”

The Future Prize is a further development of the design award which the HWK has awarded until 2016. Chief Executive Thomas Koller explains: “We want to make visible that the craft companies are innovators, solution finders and quite simply: Doers! Doers with an eye for the future.” A jury of three and, in the second instance, a panel of experts surveyed the applications.

Steingraeber’s transducer technology offers a multitude of professional application possibilities. For example, the Steingraeber transducer grand piano is able to play in all tunings/temperaments (historical and/or oriental), quarter-tone music and much more.

Transducer Project

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held by Dipl.-Designer Karl-Ludwig Holl

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