The Logo Of The Future

The world changes and so does Steingraeber along with it, but there is one thing that will never change: The quality of our world-renowned pianos from Bayreuth. And because we are proud of the fact that we still craft 100% of our grand and upright pianos in Bayreuth itself, the very home of the Steingraeber piano manufactory will be featured in the company’s new logo.

Of course, our logo is no stranger to change either, and almost 100 years ago the ‘Sons’ were replaced by a daughter for the first time when the helm was taken over by Lilly Steingraeber!

The years ahead will mark another transition for the company, from its current owners Delia and Udo Schmidt-Steingraeber to their children, and eventual successors, Alban and Fanny Schmidt-Steingraeber. So now there are more good reasons to remove the ‘Sons’ from the lettering once again, although they will be allowed to remain part of Steingraeber’s company name as it appears in commercial registers. We are proud and happy that Professor Peter Schmidt, a doyen of international product branding, developped the new design.

Such changes take time, and it will be at least another two years until all new pianos are furnished with new logos. There will of course be overlaps, as some models already carry the new lettering, but earlier versions of the lettering will still be visible on pianos soon coming into production. Why? It takes up to 1 1/2 years to produce our instruments and they are crafted with the highest quality materials that can be stored for up to four years.

The decisive factor therefore in determining the exact age of one of our pianos is always its ‘Opus Number’ and not the lettering, but our customers can rest assured: Whatever our logo, each one is and will always be a hallmark of our superb craftsmanship and quality.

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