Sony Clasical

The German pianist Martin Stadtfeld recently released his latest CD “Homage to Bach”. Once again he used a Steingraeber & Söhne grand piano E-272 with Sordino and Mozart Rail. He already used one for 2 concerts at the Hamburg Elbphilharmonie.

The success of Martin Stadtfeld is closely linked to the music of Johann Sebastian Bach. For him, Bach is the “alpha and omega” of music. His new album “Hommage an Bach” is dedicated to his favorite composer. On the one hand Stadtfeld plays Bach’s famous Chaconne from the D minor partita for violin in a new, separate version for piano. Stadtfeld’s twelve-part “Homage to Bach” for solo piano emerged from his own improvisations in concerts on themes by Bach and on the basis of his analysis of Bach’s late work, especially Bach’s 14 canons on some notes of the “Goldberg Variations”, the ” Musical Victims “and the” Art of the Fugue “. Stadtfeld’s introductory “Präludium” therefore begins in the same key as the “Well-Tempered Clavier”, whereas all subsequent pieces begin one semitone higher, so that the last piece is in h – also as in the “Well-Tempered Clavier”. This tribute is a voyage of discovery that leads back to Bach, away from Bach and back to him.

The CD was released by Sony Classical and can be purchased in all common shops as well as in the Steingraeber Haus Bayreuth.