The Piano Museum in the Steingraeber Haus Bayreuth opens its doors on every performance day of the Wagner Festival (except on Sundays). From 12 to 1 p.m., interested people can see and play grands and uprights from the most different epochs.

In addition to the very first Steingraeber grand piano (Serial No. 1) and the original Liszt grand piano from 1873, numerous other sizes and makes are available. A highlight is certainly the Pape piano with a pedal “Celeste” (a real Sordino strip), which is activated by the pedal, and a Faussetable (“false” soundboard, replica of the original). In addition a “Rippen” grand piano with aluminum full cast of frame and plate in one piece and many other treasures.

The entrance fee is 2 euros. Guests of the Wagner lectures by Hans Martin Gräbner have free admission.