Hans Martin Gräbner – Wagner lectures

am 25.07.2019, 11:00 bis 12:00
Preis: 15 €

The composer, pianist, conductor and musicologist Hans Martin Gräbner introduces in his entertaining introductory lectures in the plot, the leitmotifs and the key points of Wagner’s operas. The series is in its 4th year and is very popular.
The pianist sits in the midst of his audience, plays on the historic Liszt piano and sings (!) Numerous excerpts from Wagner’s operas. Introductory lectures have a long tradition at Steingraeber: the Graz Kapellmeister Maximilian Kojetinsky and the unforgotten Erich Rappl mastered the often difficult task of commenting on the productions of “Neu-Bayreuth” in the Rococo Hall.
Hans Martin Gräbner, Wagner expert and former scholarship holder of the Richard Wagner Association, fascinated in the Rococo hall of the Steingraeber House on all match days, from 11 clock for about 1 hour his listeners. The events also take place in the rehearsal weeks. Interested parties can also attend the events without a ticket to the festival. With a wink, the pianist also advises non-cardholders to take a little Wagnerian feeling of the Bayreuth Festival season with them.
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Long tradition at Steingraeber

As early as the 1950s, introductory lectures were held at Steingraeber under the patronage of the Richard Wagner Verband Bayreuth. It was the Viennese Kapellmeister Maximilian Kojetinski (study director at the Bayreuther Festspiele for 35 years and stylish in 1988 in the Bayreuther rehearsal week) and the unforgotten Erich Rappl, who mastered the often difficult task of commenting on the productions of “Neu-Bayreuth” – both occurred in the atmosphere of “Alt-Bayreuth”, the Rococo-room of the Steingraeber-Haus. In this original ambience of the Belle Etage of the “Margravial Camerier” by Liebhardt, Daniela Thode von Bülow (stepdaughter of Wagner and granddaughter of Liszt) had lectured Wagnerians in the 1920s – albeit in private company. Already 40 years before, from 1878-1882 Franz Liszt used the Rococo hall as his salon.

The Bayreuther Piano Festival is part of “Musikzauber Franken” of the Bayerischer Rundfunk.

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