Steingraeber now offers the new “adsilent” silent system in the Steingraeber Edition. This is how pianists get their money’s worth in headphone mode as well, and experience real Steingraeber concert grand piano sound.

Steingraeber has come astoundingly close to an authentic sound yet using an electronic piano, thanks to a cross-border cooperation: ‘Physical modelling‘ is the name of the concept behind this new digital and much more authentic approach, and is based on complex software. What pianists will now hear when they mute an acoustic piano or grand piano is a Steingraeber & Söhne E Concert Grand with its clear and distinctive sound architecture, one which no longer raises the spectres of electronic ‘smoothing’ or harsh treble regions found in sampled pianos.

The digital sampling’s limited memory capacity made it necessary to make extensive use of so-called ‘derivative sounds’. As a result not only was the true dynamic breadth of the piano inadequately realised but jumps and gaps in the reproduction of chromatics and overall dynamics furthermore defined the sampled piano experience, especially over headphones. These inadequacies are now a thing of the past.

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