"Blitz und Donner"

Vernissage “Thunder & Lightning” on September 4th, 2020

Interactive models are the highlights of this highly varied exhibition that can FINALLY be opened to match the Bayreuth Baroque Festival. Unusual circumstances await the audience – when it rains, an umbrella is highly recommended, because you gather in the baroque garden under the open sky!

Klaus-Dieter Reus, initiator and curator of the exhibition, will attend the vernissage, and introduce the secrets of lightning generation – 28 meters of illustration boards from the holdings of the “Initiative Theatermuseum Berlin” take visitors into the fabulous world of illusion theater; Another loan comes from the Richard Wagner Museum Bayreuth.

With the help of the Steingraeber piano builders, a veritable replica of a thunderstorm machine from Moscow’s Ostankino Theater was even created: It is about natural forces that can be experienced and examples of real machine magic in the baroque opera.

Due to “Corona”, only four people are allowed in each room at the same time.

Curator: Klaus-Dieter Reus

We thank the Initiative TheaterMuseum Berlin and the Richard-Wagner-Museum Bayreuth

For more information, please go to www.steingraeber.de/blitz-und-donner

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