musicpark Leipzig: Hall 4, Booth H128

am 01.11.2019 bis 03.11.2019, 10:00 bis 18:00
Preis: from 10 €

New sounds for Leipzig: musicpark – the music experience fair – opens for the first time in November 2019. The event for music lovers, trade visitors and dealers presents industry players in the field of acoustic, mechanical and electronic musical instrument brands, manufacturers and accessories. The focus is clearly on the music experience. At the fair visitors can not only discover the complete range of instruments, but also listen to them in various concerts and even try them out for themselves.

We will exhibit:


D-232: The Semi-Concert Grand Piano

At Steingraeber we think of the D-232 Semi-Concert Grand as the brother of the E-272 concert grand. Its sound reflection zones, symmetrical shape, and tightly-controlled soundboard area all give rise to an exceptional cantabile sound and wide-ranging dynamic control from the most quiet pppp to the most energetic ffff.


C-212: The Chamber Concert Grand Piano

The C-212 was introduced at the beginning of 2009 and is a direct descendant of the 1873 Steingraeber Liszt Grand Piano Model 205. We have recently adapted it to the dynamic requirements of the 21st century. However we have also preserved the chamber-music appeal of the 205, which, for 140 years, has captivated pianists from Franz Liszt and Richard Strauß to Daniel Barenboim.

B-192: The Salon Grand Piano

A new standard for salon grands: Its powerfully rich tone is mainly the result of very long bass strings, on a similar scale to those of a chamber music concert grand. The designs of the C-212 and B-192 are so closely-related that even their actions are identical.

A-170: The Salon Grand Piano

We don’t think of our smallest grand piano as a ‘baby grand’, simply because it has received many ‘Best in its Class’ awards that praise the sound as being much bigger than the instrument looks. In terms of construction, this phenomenal achievement lies in the unusually-wide shape of the A-170, which allows room for the use of very long bass strings.

138 K

138 K: Our Biggest Upright

This concert upright is the acoustic equivalent of a 180cm (6ft.) long salon grand piano, awarded ‘Best in the World’ in Paris. Universities, small concert halls, and churches alike use them in place of a grand piano.

130 T

130 T: A Professional Piano for the Pros

The 130 has been our most successful upright for ninety years. In music academies and universities alike it replaces the grand piano. It is mechanically superior to mass-produced studio grand pianos, and it has a markedly fuller sound.

122 T

122 T: The House Concert Upright

Our 122 upright is a classic with an extraordinarily full sound. This is due to its special design which includes an additional, sympathetically-vibrating soundboard that delivers an extra ‘boost’ for attacks at forte level and above.


Die Wiederentdeckung einer alten Klanglichkeit.


Spielen zu zu Zeiten der Hammerflügel.


Transducer im Resonanzboden ermöglichen neue Formen des künstlerischen Einsatzes!

musicpark Leipzig: Hall 4, Booth H128


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