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Restauration of Pianos



A Sense of History

1That is what is needed when handling the past with respect. Steingraeber’s roots in Rudolstadt go back to 1820 - in 1852 Steingraeber began writing piano history in Bayreuth - in 1754 the ‘Liebhardt Palace‘ was built (in Bayreuth rococo style) - and it has largely been kept in its original state up to the present day; and since 1871 it has been the headquarters of the Steingraeber business.




Traditional Processes

1In 1871 we moved into the workshops in the old Liebhardt outbuilding and the servants‘ quarters - and they are still part of Steingraeber House. No wonder that old techniques have been retained; we are constantly dealing with old wood, early types of mechanics and are even asked to breathe new life life into old instruments using historical strings, textiles and leather.


Interdisciplinary Experience

1In 1906 we expanded the company by obtaining the large workshop building in 1, Dammwäldchen, Bayreuth.. This is still where Steingraeber has all its workshops processing everything from the rough wood to the final instrument, from the rapair department to the “Historic Reconditioning“ department. The skills of piano manufacturers or harpsichord builders (with additional special training) and piano carpenters are  just some of the preconditions we meet for successfully dealing with restoration work. The main tasks are to classify and document the object and ensure it will continue to exist - if the instrument can also be played again, that is a most welcome bonus. At Steingraeber we therefore make a real distinction, but we can also try to restore objects to their original usc.


1Please find here some fotos from our manufactory.

1Download Flyer "Restaurierung in der Manufaktur" (German only) 

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